Molecular Forecaster

Molecular Forecaster Inc. is a leading scientific company that distributes the FORECASTER and VIRTUAL CHEMIST platforms and offers research contract services. We are a team of specialized scientists with work experience in medicinal, synthetic and computational chemistry.

Developped at McGill University by the Moitessier research group, the FORECASTER and VIRTUAL CHEMIST platforms include the highly accurate FITTED (docking), IMPACTS (site of metabolism prediction) and ACE (asymmetric synthesis) programs as well as FINDERS and REACT2D (tools for virtual combinatorial chemistry).



The FORECASTER Suite 2018 (beta version) is available now!

REACT2D and FIndERS came out in the Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling in 2017 (link) and the H-TEQ2.0 method came out earlier this year (link).

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