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Status of the server

3 June 2016: We are experiencing hardware issues with the server. The performance and stability are affected. Maintenance will be performed soon.

25 March 2016: The server is back online at 5 pm EST.

24 March 2016: The server is under maintenance and should be back online on March 25th.

18 March 2016: The server will be down for maintenance for at least 24h. more details to come.The server is back online since 8:00 pm EST.

20 January 2016: We had to reboot the server. The system is back to normal at 8 pm EST.

31 August 2015: We had to restart the server today. The system is back to normal at 8 pm EST.

28 May 2015: The server maintenance that was scheduled for May 29 is cancelled and will be rescheduled later.